Housing Action Alert – January 2013

Dear Friends and Families of RCOC,

We need your help and participation in RCOC’s effort to create affordable living opportunities for our family members with developmental disabilities.  No matter whether a relative with special needs is in kindergarten or 40 years old, he or she eventually will need secure and affordable housing with appropriate services.

The California State Legislature passed and the Governor signed Senate Bill 812 requiring cities and local agencies to incorporate the housing needs of people with developmental disabilities into their general housing plans.  The 34 cities in Orange County will need our help and to hear our voice when revising their plans.   


Represent yourself at an upcoming meeting

The Regional Center of Orange County’s Housing Advisory Council has identified upcoming city meetings that will address housing.  We need parents, family members, caregivers and other volunteers in all of Orange County’s 34 cities to attend these meetings. 

Your presence will help to ensure that elected officials, city planners and city staff understand the needs of persons with developmental disabilities and the city’s responsibility to plan for proper housing.

RCOC has prepared basic talking points and a script that you can use to help convey important key facts about housing needs for our community within Orange County.  Three or four volunteer representatives in each city will help us complete this important task with relative ease.

Write a note/email or make a phone call

Contact local city council members, mayors and city planning officials in support of affordable housing for people with developmental disabilities.  RCOC will provide contact information and a draft message with suggested language.

Call specific city officials to make sure RCOC’s Housing White Paper has been received. We will provide contact information, who to ask for and what to say.

Keep in touch with RCOC

Visit our the housing page of our website at www.rcocdd.com/housing, on Facebook (RegionalCenterofOC) and on Twitter (@RegionalCntrOC) for updates.  Post on our page or give us a call to let us know what you are hearing in your communities about housing.

Get involved in your own way

Tell us how you want to be involved in another capacity.

We are in this effort together to ensure safe, affordable is available in all of our communities for the people served by RCOC.  Your voice can and will represent many…

If you have additional questions regarding RCOC’s housing efforts, please contact us at DDhousing@nullrcocdd.com


Larry Landauer
Executive Director