Select a Wish Tree Participant!

_MG_6172Thank you for your interest in Wish Tree Project 2015!

Your generous support will help to make the holiday season special for someone with developmental disabilities in Orange County.  To select a participant, please contact Jennifer Casteel at or (714) 796-5330.

Family Gender Age Diagnosis Wishes
Select A F 15 Intellectual Disability; Autism Knee high boots, size 11
Back pack (likes pink and purple)
Jewelry making kits; beads; bracelets
Select B F 4 Intellectual disabilities Stroller for dolls
Select C F 10 Autism; Mild Intellectual Disability Fashion Barbie
Clothes for Barbie
Boots size 6.5 or 7; black or brown
Select D M 6 Autism Tennis Shoes size 10.5 (blue or red)
Select E F 16 Intellectual Disability; Cerebral Palsy Jeans size 14
Jacket size 14
Purse (white, silver or any color)
Select F F 9 Cerebral Palsy; Intellectual Disability Cotton blouses/shirts size 8
Jeans and leggins size 8
socks (size 11)
Select G M 5 Autism Toy train set
Sweater (size small)
Gift card
Select H F 14 Moderate Intellectual Disability
& Down Syndrome
Dora the Explorer doll
Tennis shoes size 5 (children size)
Sweat pants size 18 girls
Sponge Bob toys
Select I F 10 Cerebral Palsy Pants/shirt size children’s 7
Shoes size 12 (any color besides black)
Select J M 19 Mild Intellectual Disability Gift Card to Forever 21
Gift Card to Starbucks
Gift Card to Target
Select K M 8 Autism Enjoys hand held games (very active)
Size 9 clothing
Select L M 11 Autism T-shirts w/ pictures or characters (M)
Target gift card
Best Buy gift card
Select M  Thank you, wish fulfilled!
Select N  Thank you, wish fulfilled!
Select O  Thank you, wish fulfilled!
Select P  Thank you, wish fulfilled!
Select Q  Thank you, wish fulfilled!