Performance Contracts

Beginning January 1, 1993, Senate Bill 1383 (McCorquodale) passed, requiring the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) to enter into five-year outcome-based performance contracts with each of the regional centers. The initial data which was gathered showed that there needed to be a refinement to the way in which system and individual outcomes were not only established but also measured. This has led to an effort to develop a comprehensive system of accountability for all those who serve people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Outcome-based performance plans must be developed through meaningful participation with each regional center’s local community. The community is essential to help prioritize the performance areas and also the possible outcomes for those served by regional centers. In order to ensure involvement, regional centers must conduct at least one public meeting, collect information from the community through focus groups or surveys, and solicit feedback whenever possible on the services and supports available.

The Department reviews the baseline and year-end information to evaluate performance. Success is demonstrated when:

  1. The outcome has improved over the prior year’s baseline, or
  2. The performance exceeds the statewide average, or
  3. The performance equals a standard that has been defined by the Department

Materials for the Public Meeting on RCOC Performance Contract

2022 Presentation To The Community – English
2022 Presentation To The Community – Spanish
2022 Presentation To The Community – Vietnamese

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