DDS Developmental Services Task Force/Workgroup Application

As discussed at the July 31, 2019 Public Meeting, the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and the California Health and Human Services Agency are undertaking a new application process to find members for the Developmental Services (DS) Task Force and related DS Workgroups. All parties interested in membership in either the DS Task Force and/or one of the DS Workgroups are welcome to apply.

Applications will be accepted through Tuesday, September 3, 2019Click HERE for the application.

DDS released the attached application for those interested in joining the Task Force and/or one or more of its Workgroups.

The Workgroups and their focus areas are as follows:

  • Service Access & Equity Workgroup
    • This Workgroup will discuss creating a culturally and linguistically competent service system. The goal is to help the system better respond to beliefs, values, language, and choices of consumers and families. This group will review disparity projects and see if they achieved results and look at statewide efforts to improve access. The group will also help make data for community discussions easy to understand.
  • Safety Net Workgroup
    • This Workgroup will talk about how to improve the safety net or crisis services. This group will provide advice about the updated Safety Net Plan due to the Legislature in January 2020. The group will also help monitor and evaluate the safety net services and new needs.
  • System and Fiscal Reform Workgroup
    • This Workgroup will discuss system reforms to better serve consumers. It will also evaluate compliance with federal rules and discuss key consumer outcomes and measures. This group will also provide advice about rate study implementation.
  • Oversight, Accountability and Transparency Workgroup
    • This Workgroup will look at how to improve quality assurance and regional center transparency. The group will make recommendations about outcomes that improve consumer health, safety and well-being.
  • Community Resources Workgroup
    • This Workgroup will explore critical support services, including housing, employment, workforce development, health wellness, and technology to make sure California has a system that meets the needs of consumers and families.

DDS estimates the time commitment for the Task Force is 2-3 in-person meetings per year, each lasting approximately 6 hours. Each Work Group may meet as often as monthly for 4 hours.

DS Task Force and DS Workgroup Member Roles, Expectations, and Responsibilities

Time commitment:
1) DS Task Force members can expect 2-3 meetings a year. Each meeting will last
about 6 hours. Meetings will require travel to different locations. Members will also
need to review documents and make recommendations.
2) DS Workgroup members meet more often than the full DS Task Force. DS
Workgroups may meet as much as one time a month for about 4 hours.

DS Task Force and DS Workgroup members commit to:
1) Being an active participant
2) Respecting the opinions of other members. The goal is to build consensus.
Selection Process for Members
To apply for the DS Task Force or a DS Workgroup, please submit an application to DDS.

You can send the application by email or mail to:
• Email to:
• Mail to: DS Task Force
Attn: Amy Wall
Department of Developmental Services
1600 9th Street, Suite 240, MS 2-13
Sacramento, CA 95814

You may apply for the DS Task Force alone, and/or one or more DS Workgroups. The number of DS Task Force and DS Workgroups members is limited. Not all applicants will be appointed. Individuals who are not selected may be considered for any vacancies as long as their applications are active.

Applications will stay active for two years after they are received by DDS.

DS Task Force and DS Workgroup members will not receive monetary compensation.

DS Task Force and DS Workgroup members term is three (3) years from the date they are appointed. Members can be re-appointed. Current members who want to continue in their DS Task Force or DS Workgroup position, need to reapply when their term expires. If current members want to change DS Workgroups, a new application must be submitted.