Back to School 2022

OCDE Newsroom provides updates from the Orange County Department of Education.  For COVID specific news visit COVID -19 updates

State Of California Safe Schools for All Hub  The Hub consolidates key resources and information related to COVID-19 and schools. New resources will be added on a routine basis.

The Safe School Parent Page explains the steps schools are taking to prevent the spread of COVID -19.

Vaccinations, Return to In-Person Learning, and What All Parents Need to Know  A recorded webinar from the Center for Parent Information and Resources.


Long COVID under Section 504 and the IDEA: A Resource to Support Children, Students, Educators, Schools, Service Providers, and Families.  Topics covered include 1) What Is Long COVID 2) What Is Its Impact on Children and Students, 3) Protections and Services under IDEA and Section 504 for Children and Students with Long COVID and 4) What to Do If a Child or Student Is Experiencing Long COVID.  This 8-page resource builds on guidance issued by the Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services concerning long COVID as a disability and clarifies that, for young children and students, long COVID can be a disability that gives rise to IDEA eligibility and may also be a disability under Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

How Do I Tell the School About my Kid’s Disability During COVID-19?  From the Mighy Kightly Series.  During distance learning, whether you’re in person, hybrid or 100% virtual, how do we parents talk about our kid’s disability at the school? Here are the Top Ten Ways, tried and true methods, to share about your kid’s disability with the school even during Covid-19 and distance learning.

Distance Learning

E-Learning  Resources for learning and/or teaching from home, from the OC Public Libraries.

Five Ways Parents Can Advocate for Their Child in Virtual Learning.  Autism Speaks offers tips for advocating for your child in virtual learning.

Free Educational Resources for Distance Learning – California Department of Education

How To Improve Distance Learning for students with IEPs

Resource and Guidance During School Closures for Students with ASD.

o   en español   Recursos En Español Para Las Familias Con Estudiantes Con Autismo

Teaching Kids at Home During Coronavirus: Pro Tips From Homeschoolers

Virtual Education & Students With Disabilities Resource Guide  for students with disabilities, as well as parents; guide includes resources that can help pave the best educational and social-emotional path possible during this pandemic and beyond.

In–Person Learning

Easy–to-Use Return to School Planning Guide for Families This guide features specific worksheets to help families as they prepare for how their children with disabilities will receive the services and supports outlined in their IEPs.

Face masks for Children A recent article from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Helping Children With Special Needs Transition to Kindergarten  From eduTopia, these are teacher-tested tips for preparing children in early childhood special education for kindergarten.

Top Tips for Setting a Routine for Success at School: Article from PBS.

Transitioning Back to School: Strategies to Support Students with Autism  A Padlet of resources.

o   en español  Haciendo la Transicion de Regreso a la Escuela: Estrategias Para Apoyar a los Estudiantes con Autismo Offers many articles on back-to-school themes including social distancing, handwashing, and wearing masks.

Educational Alternatives

Alternatives to Public Schools  Introductory information developed by Comfort Connection Family Resource Center.

Orange County Charter School Directory