Parenting Skills

  • Behavior Management Workshop is a 5-session series provided by Regional Center of Orange County which covers the basic principles of positive behavior management, helping parents of children with developmental disabilities to change their own behavior and that of their children.
  • Bridges Maternal Child Health Network is a collaboration of O.C. hospitals working to ensure parents have the resources they need to give their children a healthy start at birth.
  • **Child Behavior Pathways (formerly known as CUIDAR) provides a 9-week parenting series utilizing an evidence-based curriculum.  Separate series are offered for parents of child 0-3 and 3-5.  Assists in the identification of children with attention and behavior difficulties prior to entering school.
  • The Priority Center offers various programs to work with each family’s or individual’s unique needs including; School Readiness, Infant and Toddler In-Home Visitation Program
  • Unlocking the Heart of your Special Needs Child written by Debbi Keeler from a child’s point of view giving parents and teachers a glimpse into the perspective of a differently-abled child.