Parent Training

One of Regional Center of Orange County’s (RCOC) primary roles is to connect parents with resources and service providers that can meet the individualized needs of their child with developmental disabilities.  However, there is no doubt that a loving parent who is informed and engaged is every child’s best resource.

RCOC organizes a range of workshops, seminars and training sessions for parents new to the regional center, as well as those seeking advanced learning opportunities. Click on the links below for information on upcoming trainings and workshops, through RCOC and other organizations or click on the Events Calendar.

Behavior Management Workshops

Regional Center of Orange County offers these workshops at no cost to parents. To gain the most value from them, parents are encouraged to attend all sessions in a series.

The Behavior Management workshop covers essential principles of positive behavior management, with a practical focus on helping parents of children with developmental disabilities change their own behavior and that of their children.

The Social Skills Training workshop is focused on helping parents nurture social skills among children. In all of the workshops, parents are actively involved, and invited to discuss the specific behavioral challenges they are confronting.

Advance reservations are required and group size is typically limited to 40-45 families.  RCOC does not provide childcare. Please do not bring your children.

Contact your Service Coordinator or RCOC’s Health Resources Coordinator at (714) 796-5223 for additional information regarding dates, times and locations, and to register.

Moving On at 3

This presentation is designed to assist families before, during and after their child’s 3rd birthday.

Topics discussed will include ongoing eligibility for Regional Center services; assessment and eligibility determination for school district services; the initial Individual Educational Program (I.E.P.) meeting; and other issues critical at this stage.

Each parent attending will receive a packet of information and useful resources. These workshops are routinely scheduled throughout the year at various locations and times so that every parent will have the opportunity to attend.  Please check the RCOC Monthly Calendar for a schedule of upcoming sessions.

The presentation is specifically for parents; children should NOT be brought to the meeting.

Please call the Comfort Connection Family Resource Center at (714) 558-5400 for further information and/or to reserve a seat for you.