Board of Directors

FriendsThe Regional Center of Orange County Board of Directors provides policy leadership and oversight of RCOC on behalf of the community. Board members volunteer their time, serving on committees that make policy recommendations to the board as a whole, and leading initiatives in areas such as housing and legislation.

Board members do not represent themselves alone or any special interest group and use RCOC’s mission, vision, values and guiding principles to help lead the organization.   However, the active participation by individuals with developmental disabilities, parents and other family members helps to ensure that RCOC remains sharply focused on the Orange County community’s needs.

The public is invited to attend Board meetings, which take place in the Board room at RCOC’s Santa Ana office located at 1525 North Tustin Avenue. Check the monthly calendar for the next scheduled Board meeting.

March 2017 Board Packet

Join the Board of Directors 

If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, please complete the Board Member application form. If you have any questions regarding this process, contact the Executive Office at (714) 796-5206.

Board of Directors Governance 

The Regional Center of Orange County Board of Directors governing documents include the Board’s Bylaws and Governance Policies.

There are several governance models that a nonprofit board may follow to identify the roles of the Board and the Executive Director for their organization. The Regional Center of Orange County’s Board of Directors has chosen the Carver Model of board governance, which is a policy governance model. For more than 10 years, the RCOC Board has followed the Carver Model because it is the best model for maximizing RCOC’s success in meeting the goals described in the Lanterman Act. A brief overview of how the RCOC Board uses the Carver Model is available for review here.