Transparency and Accountability

DDS Regional Center Oversight Dashboard

Financial Transparency and Accountability

The Regional Center of Orange County (RCOC) recognizes the importance of transparency and accountability to the community it serves. As established in the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act, RCOC is committed to reporting information with accuracy and transparency and maintaining full compliance with the laws, rules, and regulations that govern RCOC’s business.  Also in keeping with its long-standing commitment to good fiscal stewardship, RCOC makes available to the public complete information about how it spends the tax dollars received from the State of California. RCOC also makes available the personnel policies, including benefits, work guidelines, and standards of conduct, as well as the approved salary schedule for various job classifications and compensation for senior staff.

Listed below are RCOC’s most current POS expenditure resources, performance contract reports, financial statements, audits, and tax returns.

As is required of all non-profit organizations registered with the Internal Revenue Service, RCOC also makes available to the public its IRS Form 990 Tax Return, which also details compensation for senior staff.  The Executive Director’s contract and the compensation information that the Department of Developmental Services requires annually are also available.  This and other information can also be accessed on the Web through sites such as GuideStar which provides tax returns and various reports on thousands of nonprofit organizations, including regional centers and many of their service providers.

Conflict of Interest Reporting Statements
Board Governance and Transparency

The RCOC Board of Directors has adopted an agency-wide Transparency and Public Information Policy to clearly outline the goal of providing information to the community.  Also included in RCOC’s goal for transparency and accountability to the people and families served, service providers, regional center staff, and the community, the Board of Directors has also adopted policies regarding resource development and procurement, referral moratoriums, conflict of interest, whistleblower protections, and RCOC Board of Directors Leadership Survey 2021.

DDS Regional Center or Vendor/Contractor Whistleblower Complaints

NCI Child Family Survey (18/19) Results Presentation

HCBS Final Rule Compliance Information