Who We Are

RCOC is one of 21 private, independent non-profit corporations – each one covering a different geographic area – contracted by the State of California through the Department of Developmental Services to coordinate lifelong services and support for people with developmental disabilities and their families.  Regional centers also help support individuals with developmental disabilities and their families by identifying local resources and other community-based services to best fit the individual’s needs.

Established more than 60 years ago by the landmark Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act, the regional center system links those with developmental disabilities with services and supports they need to live safely and with dignity in the community.


Mission Statement

The Regional Center of Orange County (RCOC) is a private non-profit organization that, as mandated by the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act, collaborates with persons with developmental disabilities, their families, and the community to secure individualized services and supports that enhance the quality of life for the people we serve and assist them in realizing their full potential.

Vision Statement

Every person served by RCOC is a valued community member and achieves his or her individual potential.

Person-Centered Thinking

RCOC is committed to providing person-centered services to those we serve. We work to fulfill our vision by promoting a person-centered approach to the IPP process, the way we engage in meetings, and engagement with one another as an organization. Every employee who works at RCOC receives a 2-day training in Person-Centered Thinking and learns creative ways to gather meaningful information, problem solve, and action plan.

Values Statements

1. RCOC is a conscientious steward of public funds and recognizes the importance of transparency and accountability to its stakeholders and the community it serves.

2. RCOC abides by the laws of local, state, and federal governments at all times and also strives to comply with its own Policies, Procedures, and Guiding Principles.

3. RCOC utilizes a person-centered planning framework that demonstrates an awareness of, and sensitivity to, the lifestyle and cultural background of the persons served and their families.

4. All information and records obtained by RCOC in the course of intake, assessment, and ongoing delivery of services are confidential and disclosed only according to the conditions mandated by the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act.