Help for Individuals and Their Families

Generic and Other Resources

All of California’s regional centers are required to be the “payor of last resort” for any service or support that a person with developmental disabilities might need.  This means that if a service is available through another source, including “generic resources” that – like public schools – are mandated to serve the general population, the regional center is prohibited by law from paying for that service.

Service Provider List

This list of service providers (vendors) is approved to provide services and supports to RCOC clients and families. Service providers are listed according to the type of service they provide. Locations and telephone numbers, and in some cases staffing ratios, are also included.

Summary of Supports by Age

The following lists provide a summary of services and supports that are commonly recommended for each age group.

Early Start – Birth to 2

School-Age – 3 to 21

Adult – 22+

Person-Centered Thinking

RCOC is committed to providing person-centered services to those we serve. We work to fulfill our vision by promoting a person-centered approach to the IPP process, the way we engage in meetings, and engagement with one another as an organization. Every employee who works at RCOC receives a 2-day training in Person-Centered Thinking and learns creative ways to gather meaningful information, problem solve, and action plan.


This resource list provides definitions and abbreviations commonly used within the regional center system.

California Department of Developmental Services