Social Accountibility

Measures strategic goal achievement

Responds in ways that communicate system values

How we respond to the data and prioritize areas for improvement communicates to our consumers, their families, and the community at large what we most value as an organization and where we want to focus our limited resources.

The Board of Directors can also see if RCOC is providing services and supports in a way that aligns with the Guiding Principles.  The NCI results can be matched up with the Guiding Principles to help us measure successful service delivery.

Enhances transparency of the agency’s performance

Transparency and accountability are very important in the regional center system.  NCI further enhances transparency because results are made public and the policies of the Board of Directors are public so the people we serve, their families and the community at large can see how RCOC is performing.

Involves and gives voice to individuals and families in the conversation about quality and outcomes

NCI provides consumers and families a voice in the conversation about quality and outcomes.  RCOC’s values as a regional center are really the values of the people we serve.  They are the ones who tell us what a good quality of life means to them and they identify the desired outcomes for their lives.