Being able to get to work and to go other places in the community is a big part of living independently.

One of the ways that RCOC fosters this independence is by favoring the use of public transportation by adults with developmental disabilities.

While transportation to and from a person’s day program or work site may be provided by the service provider who operates the program, many consumers are able to live fuller and more active lives with the help of “mobility training” – which is offered through RCOC through collaborative efforts with the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) and with the Dayle McIntosh Center. This training is designed to teach consumers what they need to know about how to use the bus system, such as trip planning and bus safety. Many consumers also receive discounted bus passes paid for by the regional center.

For detailed information about RCOC’s policies for transportation services, review RCOC’s Purchase of Service Guidelines. These Purchase of Service (POS) Guidelines have been adopted by the Board of Directors to ensure that RCOC exercises good stewardship of the tax dollars it spends on behalf of people with disabilities. RCOC follows these Guidelines when authorizing service requests for consumers and families.