Bullying Prevention

  • Ability Awareness provides useful information whether your child, or any family member, is the one being bullied, a bystander, or acting as a bully.
  • Adults Get Bullied Too is provided by State Council on Developmental Disabilities.
  • The Bully Project provides helpful tools for educators, students, parents and advocates.
  • **Enough is Enough! Provides anti-bullying strategies for students with developmental disabilities, their families and their schools.
  • **Get Safe has provided campus safety trainings for thousands of students, parents, teachers and educators.
  • **Office of Civil Rights provides sample letter regarding bullying.
  • Pacer Center offers Kids Against Bullying
  • Stop Bullying discusses bullying in general and provides specific information for youth with disabilities and other special health needs.
  • Walk A Mile In Their Shoes discusses bullying and the child with special needs.