Coordinated Family Supports (CFS) services will be tailored, individualized, and flexible to meet the changing needs and preferences of the individual being served along with their family. CFS is designed to help adults receiving regional center services and their families with coordinating and scheduling services and supports. It will also help them learn how to access additional generic services they may qualify for. CFS can help with planning for the future so that everyone knows what the individual wants to happen if their living situation changes. CFS can coordinate training for the people who support the individual and their family, so they are better prepared to work with them. It can help identify transportation and back-up providers. CFS providers can help connect individuals to self-advocacy groups in their area. Supports provided through CFS will be provided in a manner that is respectful of the culture, ethnicity, and linguistic preferences of the individual and their family.

CFS is a new service option specifically designed for adults who are 18 years and older who:

  • Choose to live in their family home, and
  • Are served by a regional center

Additional information regarding CFS can be found on the Department of Developmental Services website. (link:

For more information regarding CFS, please contact your assigned Service Coordinator.

If you are interested in becoming a CFS vendor please send an e-mail to