While every effort is made to partner with consumers and families to meet the needs of the individual with developmental disabilities, sometimes there can be disagreements about decisions that are made.  RCOC welcomes the opportunity to discuss and resolve disagreements in an informal atmosphere.

However, when this approach does not resolve an issue, persons served and families may pursue a formal appeals process to have the regional center’s decision reviewed.

For complete information about the formal appeals, visit the Appeals & Complaints – California Department of Developmental Services website or call DDS at (916) 654-1690.

If you have questions about the process, please email appeals@nullrcocdd.com.



The Lanterman Act (Welfare and Institutions Code – WIC) section 4704.6 states,

“Each regional center and each vendor that contracts with a regional center to provide services to consumers shall conspicuously post on its internet website, if any, a link to the department’s internet website page that provides a description of the appeals procedure set forth in this chapter and a department telephone number available for answering consumer and applicant appeals procedure questions.”