Award Recipients


Community Partner: Irvine Barclay Theater
Self-Advocate: Alex Zavala
Employer: Chevron Stations
Direct Support Professional: Jordan Mapes
Service Provider: Clear Motivations
Healthcare Professional: Bryan Nokelby, DDS
Parent/Family: Joan Williams
RCOC Achievement Award: Beth Ann Pierce
Lifetime Achievement: Liza Krassner
Health & Wellness Achievement: My Day Counts


Community Partner: City of Irvine Disability Services
Self-Advocate: Vanessa Ocana
Employer: Kaiser Permanente Orange County
Direct Support Professional: Luis Banuelos
Service Provider: ASPIRE Creative Arts Program
Healthcare Professional: Anju Hurria, MD
Parent/Family: Cindy Fontan
RCOC Achievement Award: Sean Watson
Lifetime Achievement: Joan McKinney


Community Partner: Mariners Church
Self-Advocate: Robert Armstrong
Employer: City of Westminster, Public Works
Employer: Grand Legacy at the Park
Direct Support Professional: Sandy D. Palacios
Service Provider: Abilities Unlimited
Healthcare Professional: Continental Post Acute
Parent/Family: Kayla Borack
RCOC Achievement Award: Arturo Cazares
RCOC Achievement Award: Jack Stanton
Lifetime Achievement: Creola Howard
Legislative Support: Nicole Vasquez
E. Kurt Yeager Servant Leadership: Alan H. Martin


Community Partner: Santiago Canyon College, Division of Continuing Education
Self-Advocate: Jenn Bright
Employer: White Bottle, Inc.
Direct Support Professional: Kelly Williams
Service Provider: No Ordinary Moments, Lou Pena, President/CEO
Healthcare Professional: Dr. Marc Lerner, Clinical Professor, UCI Department of Pediatrics
Parent/Family: Joseph Preston, Fairview Families and Friends Board Member, Past RCOC Board Member
RCOC Achievement Award: Dr. Peter Himber, RCOC Medical Director
Lifetime Achievement: Theresa DeBell, President, CASHPCR, Fairview Families and Friends Board Member


Community Partner: Down Syndrome Association of Orange County
Self-Advocate: Michael ūüôā
Employer: Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC)
Direct Support Professional: Sandra Martinez and Jessica Morales, LifeSteps
Service Provider: Project Independence
Healthcare Professional: Rebecca Armendariz, Jan Schott, Susanne Treacher, Sunny Days
Parent/Family: Ray Ceragioli, President, Fairview Family and Friends
RCOC Achievement Award: Keli Radford, West Area Manager
Lifetime Achievement: Deb Marsteller Legislative Support: Peggy Collins


Community Partner:  Assistance League of Laguna Beach
Self-Advocate: Ashley Arambula, Age 13
Employer: First American Financial
Direct Support Professional: Elizabeth Martinez, Goodwill of Orange County
Lifetime Achievement: Cayley MacDonald
Service Provider: Goodwill of Orange County
Healthcare Professional: Dr. John Van, DDS (Dentistry)
Parent/Family: Mimi Chou, Chinese Parent Association for the Disabled (C-PAD)
RCOC Achievement Award: Randy Jones, Technical Assistant


Community Partner: Elise Flocken
Self-Advocate: Sam Durbin
Employer: Chick-Fil-A, Nick Jones
Direct Support Professional: Sue Hewitt
Lifetime Achievement: Steve Zivolich
Service Provider: Integrated Resources Institute, Inc.
Healthcare Professional: Hoda Kaddis, MD
Parent/Family: Cecilia Mercado
RCOC Achievement: Mary Parpal, Ph.D.
Elected Official: Senator Bob Huff


Community Partner: Linda O’Neal
Self-Advocate: Sean Sullivan
Employer: Vons/Albertsons
Direct Support Professional: Anthony Nguyen
Lifetime Achievement: Don Greene
Service Provider: Intervention Center for Early Childhood
Healthcare Professional: Anne Tournay, M.D.
Parent/Family: Cheryl Cohen
RCOC Achievement: Kelly Merrell


Community Partner: Bonner Paddock
Self-Advocate: Sylvia Delgado
Employer: TJ Maxx
Lupe Barraza, District Manager
Direct Support Professional: Arthur Kendrick
Lifetime Achievement: Elliot Skolnick
Direct Service Professional: Arthur Kendrick
Service Provider: Gilbert Singh
Healthcare Professional: Dr. Richard Mungo, DDS
Parent/Family: Kathy Kline and Sheri Carroll
RCOC Achievement: Lorrie Gutterman
Special Recognition: Terri Delgadillo, Director, Department of Developmental Services


Community Partner: Robin Preston, President, HoopStars
Self-Advocate: Yvonne Klutz
Elected Official:  Allan Mansoor, 74th District, California State Assembly
Employer: Montage Resort & Spa – Laguna Beach
Jessica Ordonez-Steenblock –¬†Director of Human Resources
Todd Orlich – General Manager
Direct Support Professional: Lucien Nardulli, Job Coach, STEP РInstitute for Applied Behavior Analysis
Lifetime Achievement: Joyce Hearn, Executive Director, Orange County Adult Achievement Center (formerly OCARC)
Service Provider: Janice Bui, Program Manager, Vietnamese League of Orange County
Parent/Family Member: Paul Harvey, Parent
Healthcare Professional: Dr. Joseph Donnelly, Director, For OC Kids/Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders of Southern California
RCOC Achievement: Nellie Ninh and Lucille Tran, RCOC Service Coordinators


Consumer/Client: Jay Connor
Community Partnership: Sheryl Beasley
Employer: Hi-Time Wine Cellars
Frontline Award: Christian Generakos
Lifetime Achievement: Linda Smith
Living Options (Residential) Vendor: Modern Support Services
Parent/Family Member: Rebecca Baker
Professional Achievement: Dr. Michael Mohonan
RCOC Achievement: Suzanne Butler
Support Services Vendor: George Gilliam/Creative Identity
Volunteer: Victoria Hersey


Consumer/Client: Michael Bailey
Parent or Family Member: Erika Hall
Lifetime Achievement: Pethuru Lourthu
E. Kurt Yeager Servant Leadership Award: Christian Dubia
Volunteer: Polly Musch
Professional Achievement: Kim Costello, Hylond
Frontline: Emma Prax Lodge
Employer: Yard House
Living Options Vendor: Gilbert Care Homes
Community Partnership: Gary Frazier
Elected Official: Senator Lou Correa
RCOC Achievement: Marisa Patterson


Consumer/Client: Virginia Rangel
Parent or Family Member: Eric and Meri Smalstig
Lifetime Achievement: Cathy DeMello
E. Kurt Yeager Servant Leadership Award: Jud Robert
Volunteer: Bonnie Gillman
Professional Achievement: Gail Fernandez
Frontline: Khanh Truong
Employer: Home Depot/Huntington Beach
Living Options Vendor: Independent Endeavors
Community Partnership: Congregation Shir Ha-Ma’Alot
Support Services Vendor: Project Independence day programs
RCOC Achievement: Maria Gonzales


Consumer/Client: Jeff Barnes
Parent or Family Member: Vivian Bottino
Lifetime Achievement: Dr. Dennis Mattson
E. Kurt Yeager Servant Leadership Award: Tresa Oliveri
Volunteer: Dave Brach
Professional Achievement: Myrna Capsuto
Healthcare Professional: Leann Schouten
Frontline: Joseph Nassif
Employer: City of San Juan Capistrano
Living Options Vendor: Independent Options
Community Partnership: Robert Sterling
Support Services Vendor: Footprints Behavioral Intervention
Elected Official: Assemblyman Mike Duvall
RCOC Achievement: Vikki Strauss


Consumer/Client: Kevin Guice
Parent or Family Member: Amanda and Victoria Baker
Lifetime Achievement: Dr. Margaret Anne Inman
E. Kurt Yeager Servant Leadership Award: Stanley Pawlowski
Volunteer: Gloria and Jose Luis Fernandez
Professional Achievement: Judy Ray
Healthcare Professional: Mark Klem
Frontline: K Loper-Leddy
Employer: Logomark, Inc.
Living Options Vendor: Elizabeth Homes
Community Partnership: Barcelona Hills Elementary School
Support Services Vendor: E.C.E. 4 Autism
Elected Official: No award in 2007
RCOC Achievement: Loriessa Randle


Consumer/Client: Brian Story
Parent or Family Member: Maria Luisa Montenegro
Lifetime Achievement: Lou Pena
E. Kurt Yeager Servant Leadership Award: Steve Sherman
Volunteer: Loren Druz
Professional Achievement: Bob Boettiger
Healthcare Professional: Karin Stanley
Frontline: Jason Martinez
Employer: Albertsons Market
Living Options Vendor: Abraham House
Community Partnership: For OC Kids
Support Services Vendor: United Cerebral Palsy of Orange County
Elected Official: No award in 2006
RCOC Achievement: Sandra Soto


Consumer/Client: David Gray
Parent or Family Member: Kristi Golden
Lifetime Achievement: Arleen Downing, M.D.
E. Kurt Yeager Servant Leadership Award: No award in 2005
Volunteer: Bucky and Sara Kahl
Professional Achievement: Janna Moore, Epilepsy Alliance of Orange County
Healthcare Professional: Ira T. Lott, M.D.
Frontline: Elizabeth Anderson
Employer: Camp James
Living Options Vendor: Susan Ashling, Ashling Residential Villas
Community Partnership: Lee Blumen, OC Public Defender’s Office
Support Services Vendor: Orange County ARC
Elected Official: No award in 2005
RCOC Achievement: M. J. Delgado


Consumer/Client: Kyle Minnis
Parent or Family Member: Karen Templeton
Lifetime Achievement: Gail Nunn (posthumous)
E. Kurt Yeager Servant Leadership Award: Holly Nogales
Volunteer: Paul and Marilyn Harvey
Professional Achievement: Stephanie Peterson, APS
Healthcare Professional: Michael Mumford, M.D. (inaugural award)
Frontline: Jerry Scovel
Employer: Mission Viejo Library
Living Options Vendor: Resurrección Home II
Community Partnership: Corey Elementary School
Support Services Vendor: Rainbow Kids Achievement Center
Elected Official: State Senator Dick Ackerman
RCOC Achievement: Rosalinda Lopez


Consumer/Client: Robert ‚ÄúBobby‚ÄĚ Spitzberg
Parent or Family Member: Mina Leon
Lifetime Achievement: Jackie Popp
E. Kurt Yeager Servant Leadership Award: No award in 2003
Volunteer: Lorraine ‚ÄúFrosty‚ÄĚ Kaiser
Professional Achievement: Marta Anchondo, TASK
Frontline: Danh Bui (inaugural award)
Employer: Claim Jumper Restaurants
Living Options Vendor: Oscar and Lulu Cachuela
Community Partnership: Judy Campos, City of Brea
Support Services Vendor: High Hopes Brain Injury Program
Elected Official: Assemblywoman Pat Bates
RCOC Achievement: Edna Zinar


Consumer/Client: Sam Durbin
Parent or Family Member: Susan Baker
Lifetime Achievement: Millie Gluth
E. Kurt Yeager Servant Leadership Award: Richard Peterson
Volunteer: Janice Morain
Professional Achievement: Vickie Reynolds, Resource Spec.
Employer: Teacher Created Materials
Living Options Vendor: Diane Hall, Hall Family Home
Community Partnership: City of Irvine Disability Services
Support Services Vendor: Project GET SAFE
Elected Official: No award in 2002
RCOC Achievement: Patricia Glancy
Nick Garrett Award: O’Connor Mortuary (special, one-time award)


Consumer/Client: Joe Padilla
Parent or Family Member: Lourdes Maria Rodriguez
Lifetime Achievement: Sandy Garcia
E. Kurt Yeager Servant Leadership Award: Karen Kelly
Volunteer: Eleanor Prime
Professional Achievement: Hedy Hansen, Comfort Connection
Employer: Cox Communications
Living Options Vendor: Mainstream Independent Living Services
Community Partnership: Very Special Arts California
Support Services Vendor: Hope University
Elected Official: No award in 2001
RCOC Achievement: Shernan Hidalgo


Consumer/Client: Patty Daley
Parent or Family Member: Barbara Dominguez
Lifetime Achievement: Linda Wallace
E. Kurt Yeager Servant Leadership Award: No award in 2000
Volunteer: Rose Lacher
Professional Achievement: Lonnie Lovingier, DDS
Employer: Polaroid, Don Ritucci and Michael Galliano
Living Options Vendor: Kathleen Taylor, Creative Support Systems
Community Partnership: Sandy Becker, Project Independence
Support Services Vendor: Doug Wooley, Goodwill
Elected Official: No award in 2000
RCOC Achievement: Juda Carter (inaugural award)


Consumer/Client: Cheryl Larsen
Parent or Family Member: Mary Douglas
Lifetime Achievement: Andrea Erickson
E. Kurt Yeager Servant Leadership Award: E. Kurt Yeager (inaugural award)
Volunteer: Terri Green
Professional Achievement: Luis Pena, No Ordinary Moments
Employer: Rubio’s Baja Grill, Theresa Colunga
Living Options Vendor: Linda Moore, Project Independence
Community Partnership: Rebecca Smith, Wal-Mart
Support Services Vendor: Goodwill SCOP & MCO
Elected Official: John Palacio


Consumer/Client: Kathy McCrystal
Parent or Family Member: Patricia Lindner
Lifetime Achievement: Robert Clatterbuck
Volunteer: Jan Shone
Professional Achievement: Nancy Quarles, Goodwill
Employer: Pizza Hut, Joel Potts
Living Options Vendor: James Lovelle, Good Shepherd Lutheran Homes
Community Partnership: Patricia Sprowell
Support Services Vendor: Susan Moran, O.C. In-Home Therapy
Elected Official: State Senator Mike Thompson


Consumer/Client: Gregg Brown
Parent or Family Member: Dale Elizabeth Garcia
Lifetime Achievement: Rhys Burchill
Volunteer: Linda Smith
Professional Achievement: Kathryn Hebel, Vocational Visions
Employer: Ingram Micro
Living Options Vendor: Nancy Moquete, Moquete Family Homes
Community Partnership: Vocational Visions
Support Services Vendor: Shawn Bos-Nigro
Elected Official: Assemblyman Dick Ackerman