The Dialogue is a quarterly publication by the Regional Center of Orange County for our community, people with developmental disabilities and their families, as well as service providers in Orange County.

This quarter’s highlights include…

The amazing story of Michelle Katagiri-Mena – a person with autism who went from making 90 cents an hour in a sheltered workshop to $15 an hour via competitive, integrated employment in the Food Services department at CHOC Children’s in Orange.

Introduction of RCOC’s newest two Board members: Cliff Amsden and Chip Wright.

Update on the great results RCOC and the Orange County community are achieving in their efforts to help adults with developmental disabilities to find paying jobs in the community.

Report from RCOC’s Peer Advisory Committee Chair and Peer Advocate on what they learned at the recent 22nd Annual Statewide Self-Advocacy Conference in Sacramento.

Article by Board Member Liza Krassner about the recent AutFest Film Festival in the City of Orange.

Listings of upcoming Early Start transition and adult transition workshops, along with an everyday wellness tip, and information about RCOC’s 2017 Summer Recreation Resource Guide.

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