_MG_9791As an employer, why should I hire someone with a developmental disability?

RCOC believes there are many reasons, but here are our top ten great reasons to hire people with developmental disabilities.

What are the benefits to employers? 

Some workplace benefits may include:

  • Prescreened applicants
  • On-Site Support / Job Coaching
  • Paid internships
  • Assistance with hiring incentives and tax credits
  • ADA implementation/reasonable accommodations
  • Insurance Liability Coverage provided for non-paid Internships
  • Utilizing natural workplace supports
  • Increasing the efficiency of all employees, by utilizing universal design
  • Reduced turnover rate
Can people with developmental disabilities really work and do what I need them to do?

People with disabilities have different abilities, talents, and interests so they are able to perform most things that people without disabilities can do, with some support and minimal accommodations.  RCOC and our affiliated programs will not just send you an employee.  There are many steps between expressing interest and having an employee begin at the workplace.

You can expect that RCOC-referred employees can/will:
  • Demonstrate a strong work ethic
  • Show excellent attention to detail
  • Demonstrate increased productivity rates
  • Come to work on time
  • Adhere to specific work schedules and duties
  • Be willing to respond to employer supervision and feedback
  • Work well with routines and predictable schedules
  • Work well with complex and systematic jobs
Are there people I can talk to who have already taken the step to hire someone with a developmental disability? 

Please visit a listing of current employers in Orange County and watch some of their testimonials.

We also have an archive of video success stories available for viewing.