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A longtime person receiving regional center services, Jyusse Corey, RCOC’s Peer Advocate, brings his extensive experience to his fellow consumers, vendors, colleagues and the public as whole.

His mission is to be accessible with up-to date information on the latest resources available as well as staying informed on the various issues now impacting clients including: the ABLE Act, competitive integrated employment, self-determination and so much more.

Mr. Corey hopes to continue to be an integral part of the lives of people receiving services and to help everyone grow and reach their potential. He loves meeting new people and discovering their stories, and letting each person he interacts with know that their experience is key in their approach to life and that everyone is different and to use what you know best: yourselves!

Outside of RCOC, he is just as passionate, enjoying reading, history, music, movies, and spending time with friends and family.

Stephen Gaiber

Person receiving RCOC Services

April Lopez

Dr. April Lopez is an Orange County-based Doctor of Chiropractic. Since 2001 she has owned and operated a successful practice in the city of Orange near Angel Stadium.  She is the married mother of three elementary public school aged children. Her oldest is Isabella, a thriving young girl born with Down Syndrome and Autism. Dr. Lopez is a highly regarded volunteer advocate for parents of children with disabilities in regards to IEP/IEE and due process.  She is a strong advocate for inclusion.

In 2013 Dr. Lopez was honored as “Woman of the Year” by State Senator Lou Correa. She is currently an Advisory Board Member for the Pujols Family Foundation.  Founded by Angels First Baseman Albert Pujols, the PFF is committed to offering recreational programs to individuals with Down Syndrome at no cost and improving the lives of families living in poverty in the Dominican Republic.

Dr. Lopez was appointed by Governor Brown in 2012 as a family advocate representative to the State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD).  In 2014 she was elected to the council’s executive board and currently serves as its Chairperson as well as holding leadership positions on its Legislative and Public Policy Committee, Membership Committee, and Monitoring and Technical Assistance Review System (MTARS) Committee. Dr. Lopez was instrumental in the lobbying efforts at the state capitol to insure the passage and signing into law of AB 1041 (Chesbro) Employment First Policy, SB 468 (Emmerson/Beall/Mitchell) The Statewide Self-Determination Program and SB 555 (Correa) Developmental services: regional centers: individual program plans and individualized family service plans.

Tim Jin

Person receiving RCOC Services

Kathleen McFarlin

Manager, Family Support and Community Outreach, Family Resources

Karen Millender


Tina Stang


Scarlet K. Von Thenen

SCDD Regional Manager

Jacqueline Miller

Clients Rights activist

Cathy Furukawa

RCOC Training and Organizational Specialist

Keli Radford

Director of Services and Supports