There are a number of medical tests that are commonly done during pregnancy when there are risk factors that increase the chances that the baby may be born with a developmental disability. Examples of these prenatal diagnostic evaluations include amniocentesis and ultrasound, and risk factors include things like the age of the mother and the parents’ genetic history. In most cases, these tests are paid for by private health insurance or generic resources such as Medi-Cal/CalOptima. However, in rare circumstances, RCOC may pay for them.

For detailed information about RCOC’s policies for prenatal diagnostic evaluation, review RCOC’s Purchase of Service Guidelines. These Purchase of Service (POS) Guidelines have been adopted by the Board of Directors to ensure that RCOC exercises good stewardship of the tax dollars it spends on behalf of people with disabilities. RCOC follows these Guidelines when authorizing service requests for consumers and families.

If you need help determining whether you or your family member is eligible for health care through Medi-Cal/CalOptima, contact your RCOC service coordinator.