Many individuals with developmental disabilities have impairments that make it difficult for them to speak, eat, walk or do other ordinary physical movements. Speech therapy, physical therapy, feeding therapy and occupational therapy are all intended to overcome or minimize these challenges, and many of the children and adults that RCOC serves benefit from these services.

In most cases, the costs for these therapies are paid for by private health insurance or generic resources such as Medi-Cal/CalOptima and California Children’s Services. For school age children, these types of therapy services may be funded by the public school as part of the child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Though the regional center does not typically pay for these therapies, RCOC service coordinators support families and adults with developmental disabilities by helping to identify needed services, provide appropriate referrals, and assist in securing the services.

For detailed information about RCOC’s policies for therapy services, review RCOC’s Purchase of Service Guidelines. These Purchase of Service (POS) Guidelines have been adopted by the Board of Directors to ensure that RCOC exercises good stewardship of the tax dollars it spends on behalf of people with disabilities. RCOC follows these Guidelines when authorizing service requests for consumers and families.