Social and recreational activities play an important role in the lives of all people, including children and adults with developmental disabilities. These activities enable the development of social skills and personal relationships that foster a sense of community and provide enjoyment to daily life.

RCOC offers a number of helpful resources to assist families in locating and accessing social and recreational opportunities in Orange County.

Families exploring social and recreational opportunities for those with disabilities in Orange County can download the current Recreation Resource Guide or visit RCOC’s Comfort Connection Family Resource Center which connects families with children who have special needs with resources and support in the community.

For detailed information about RCOC’s policies for social and recreational services, review RCOC’s Purchase of Service Guidelines. These Purchase of Service (POS) Guidelines have been adopted by the Board of Directors to ensure that RCOC exercises good stewardship of the tax dollars it spends on behalf of people with disabilities. RCOC follows these Guidelines when authorizing service requests for consumers and families.