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Quick Tips for Selecting Toys for Children with Special Needs
Consejos Rápidos para Escoger Juguetes para Niños con Necesidades Especiales
Gợi Ý Nhanh để Chọn Đồ Chơi cho Trẻ Có Nhu Cầu Đặc Biệt

  • Help Develop Early Math Skills Learn what informal activities give children a head start when they start learning math in school.
  • Kid Builder Activity Books offers developmentally appropriate activities for parents of children from birth through age 5 in English, Spanish.
  • Make the Most of Play Time offers a developmental chart of play skills and offers specific strategies for parents.
  • PBS Kids Lab provides fun online games, mobile apps and at-home activities teaching math and reading concepts.
  • Pretend City provides a wonderful fun and learning environment for young children. Special infant times as well as a free neurodivergent night for families.
  • ToyBox Tools is a series of instructional videos and materials to help families and teachers make play easier and more accessible for children. A collaboration between Hasbro and The Autism Project.
  • Toys for Children with Special Needs – what to look for and where to find them by Special Needs Resources.